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Kuku FM is India’s leading audio content platform that create, produce, market and distribute exclusive premium audio contents in the form of audiobooks, stories, summaries, courses and more categories via its mobile app and website available on android and iOS. We offer contents across 50+ genres in more than 5 languages in India for all user segments ranging from age group 6 to 60+ years. With more than 10M+ downloads and 2Million+ paid subscribers, we are the fastest growing premium audio content platform in India.

This might give you better context of our growth. A tweet shared by Bisu (CEO, Kuku FM) on Twitter

Why you should join us?

Kuku FM culture is people first. We put our customers and team first. You will find decisions are made keeping long term benefit of people in priority. While working with us you fill find yourself surrounded by team that is passionate towards solving problems collaboratively.
Kuku FM offers a collaborative workspace with a fusion of great minds across diverse industries ranging from creative, technology, product, marketing and design; all driven with passion and freedom to chase down their goals in a complete uninhibited manner. So, if you have the passion to drive your goals and a zeal to learn in the process, you would find yourself among the like-minded community of enthusiasts at Kuku FM.
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