Solution Architect



8 - 20 years

Scribble Data is an MLOps product company, which provides foundational blocks on which enterprises build their ML models and analysis. Our customers trust us with their data, and with Scribble, have managed to significantly reduce friction in the consumption of data. We work smart, invest in tools and tech that are on the cutting edge of data science, and package all that we’ve learnt about efficiency and data mileage into our products.

Our modular feature store, Enrich, comprises a number of pre-built feature engineering apps to help data teams cut time-to-market for each data science use case including unified metrics, customer behavioral modeling, ML model building, and recommendations. 

Enrich streamlines the data prep process with versioned pipelines, delivering continuously updated data through intuitive interfaces and surfacing context around datasets via extensive metadata and lineage tracking. 

About the role
Scribble Data’s customers trust us with their data and the outputs, and expect cutting-edge tools and thought processes from us. Product will be at the center of the relationship. The Solution Architect role owns this relationship managing the delivery to these customers, guiding their data science teams on best practices, advising them on their data roadmap, helping them build datasets, and simultaneously communicating with their leadership.
The Solution Architect role is hands-on. 

  • You will help potential customers frame their problems into the scope for a PoC, build and own this PoC atop Enrich, convert them into long-term customers, and own the delivery and relationship end-to-end. 
  • You will focus on delivery for each customer, with high attention-to-detail. You will be responsible for ensuring trust, robustness, performance, and ease of use of the platform in each customer’s context, and depending on the size of the individual customer engagement, you may lead a team of engineers as well. 
  • You will manage people and vendors. You might even need to travel, look squarely into the eyes of many customers and sell. You'll often receive feedback and new asks from customers and be able to work that into your delivery.
  • You will track and research emerging trends in the space, as well as moves that our competitors are making, thereby creating nice feedback loops for our product team.

Your Strengths
  • Proven record of hands-on data science and/or ML engineering experience
  • 8+ years of industry experience owning, building, and shipping data-driven solutions to production 
  • Fluent in Python and SQL (you have deployed production-grade code and not just developed prototypes in Jupyter notebooks)
  • Experience developing and implementing best-in-class algorithms for multiple among user modelling, entity matching, recommendation systems, search systems, natural language understanding, and time series analysis
  • Proficient with Python data science libraries (numpy, scikit-learn, spacy, etc.)
  • Proficient with R, Matlab or other statistical computing languages
  • Proficient with deep learning frameworks like Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch, etc.
  • Comfortable with big data technologies like map-reduce, noSQL, Spark, HBase, Hive
  • Having built and shipped a product at a startup will be a plus
  • Record of published patents along with technical publications in peer-reviewed conferences and journals will be a plus
  • Masters degree or higher in Computer Science with a background in statistics
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills to work with stakeholders from different backgrounds

Does this sound like you?
  • You like adventure and have a stomach for learning and unlearning every day
  • You are excited by powering up a whole generation of upcoming data applications
  • You dream big and believe that hard problems need streamlined systems and massive amounts of data to tackle effectively
  • You embrace uncertainty and can develop processes and systems to handle rapidly evolving requirements
  • You have the discipline to take audacious goals and break down years-long roadmaps into near term deliverables that provide value to business stakeholders
  • You enjoy educating your customers and team members about what it means to be data-oriented and cultivating engineering best practices
  • You are comfortable selling to customers (not a biggie)
  • You have a sense of humour

GET EXCITED. Because you're about to make a huge impact. 
Scribble Data is growing rapidly, and hiring for remote positions across the globe to service its customers across four continents (and counting). We think of this phase of hiring as extending Scribble's core team, so if you want to get in on the ground floor, now would be a good time to look our way.

  • Work from home or your preferred location
  • A work culture that helps you innovate and evolve continuously, and the freedom to work in the hours you feel the most productive
  • A chance to shape the future of data and MLOps

Employment TypeFULLTIME
Seniority Levelmid-senior-level, director-vp
Work Experience(in years)8 - 20 Years